GTM Ecommerce for WooCommerce

GTM Ecommerce for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that integrates WooCommerce with Google Tag Manager. The free version can be found here and PRO version here.

With this plugin, you can push WooCommerce Ecommerce (GA4 Ecommerce and UA Enhanced Ecommerce compatible) information to GTM DataLayer. Then use any GTM integration to measure your customers’ activities.

Once this information is available in your GTM workspace you can plugin and use any tool available. Even if you are unsure yet which tool you would need or like to use.

Check live demo here (perform typical shop activities – add to cart, purchase – to see how events are triggered).

PRO version live demo is here (it tracks more events).


Example scenarios

  1. Measure e-commerce behaviors in Google Analytics (GA4 and legacy UA properties are supported)
  2. Track conversions from Facebook and/or Instagram campaigns
  3. Track conversions from Google Ads campaigns

Supported events

After the plugin is installed and GTM snippets are configured it automatically starts to track the following events:

  • Add To Cart
  • Purchase

Which are a great base for conversion measurements and building sales funnels related to cart behavior.

PRO version supports way more events and services, see comparison table below.

Advantage over alternative solutions

Without GTM Ecommerce for WooCommerce plugin, you would need a separate plugin for each of those integrations. And each additional plugin may make your WordPress setup more complex.
With GTM Ecommerce for WooCommerce, everything is sent in a standardized format to Google Tag Manager and everything else is configured there. Adding or removing integrations does not require any further changes to the website itself.

A common problem when trying to use other GTM and Google Analytics plugins is that data can be sent twice corrupting analytics reporting. Using DataLayer is a standard way to ensure your tracking information stays consistent.


Plugin & Presets Reference

General guides

There are general guides related to operating the plugin or performing typical operations. For guides related to specific services to integrate to see section below.

How to install and configure the plugin?

How to import any GTM container preset?

How to use Theme Validator?

Preset specific guides

How to integrate GA4 with WooCommerce?

How to integrate UA with WooCommerce? (coming soon)

How to integrate Facebook Pixel with WooCommerce? (coming soon)

How to integrate Google Ads Conversion with WooCommerce?

Versions comparison

Ecommerce Events– add to cart
– purchase
– view item list
– view item
– select item
– add to cart
– remove from cart
– begin checkout
– purchase
– refund (coming soon)
GTM presets– GA4 Basic
– Universal Analytics Basic
– Facebook Pixel Basic
– GA4 Advanced
– Universal Analytics Advanced
– Facebook Advanced
– Google Ads Advanced
– Mixpanel Advanced (coming soon)
Support level– public WordPress support forum– dedicated support system
Where to download?public WordPress plugins directory
– install within WordPress dashboard
WooCommerce Marketplace